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Full frills decorating ideas at a no frills price!

Dressing up the mantel for summer using items we already had around the house.  Clock is from Kirklands purchased for $25 during one of their green tag sales.  Sailboat is from Target purchased on clearance for $3, white pitchers are from Michael’s $8 for both on clearance other items are from estate sales.



The Lettered Cottage


This was my great find at Habitat For Humanity. Paid $.50 for each door – transformed using MOD-PODGE – by using items I already had.  The total cost of this project was only $4.

Step #1 – clean cabinet door                        


 Step #2 print and cut out a favorite photo using regular printer paper


Step #3 pour MOD-PODGE in a bowl


Step #4 brush the back of the picture with MOD-PODGE   


Step #5 brush MOD-PODGE on the door                          


Step #6 place photo on the door and smooth out carefully with your hand 


Step #7 brush MOD-PODGE on top of picture allowing to dry for 20 minutes between coats

Step #8 Add knob to cover existing hole

Step #9 allow to dry overnite, you may leave as is or move to step #10

Step #10 add hanging brackets of your choice



Step #1 sand, prime & paint headboard.   Step #2 Create pattern using shipping paper.  When cutting the pattern make sure to cut it an 1/8” smaller all the way around to allow for thickness of fabric and batting.


Step  #3 cut shapes using the paper pattern from 1/4” plywood with jigsaw (helps when you have a handyman-like my husband) cut batting 2” bigger all the way around so that it can fold over board.


Step #4 lay fabric down, batting and plywood – fold batting and fabric to the back of the board and staple together.  NOTE: MAKE SURE TO USE THE RIGHT SIZE OF STAPLES SO IT DOES NOT GO THROUGH THE FRONT (OUCH!!!)


Step #5 cover your cording using coordinating fabric and hot glue to the front edge of headboard


Step #6 using liquid nail ultra quik grip construction adhesive glue the covered board to the headboard.  Allow to dry overnight



My finished product!