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Full frills decorating ideas at a no frills price!

Drum shade purchased from walmart for $14.99.  If you look at the high end stores these lamp shades start at $99 a bit to much for my budget so I desided to create my own for less!


Lamp shade before

Lamp shade after

Here is how:

When purchasing your lamp shade  make sure to get one with the shrink wrapper around it, it will serve as your pattern.  Pin to a piece of burlap.  When cutting the burlap make sure to cut 1 inch bigger than the plastic so that you can fold in the burlap when gluing it to the shade. 


I surged the burlap all the way around so it would not fray, burlap freys very easy.

Before you attach the burlap to the shade transfer the image unto burlap using Lesley Riley’s Tap Transfer Artist Paper

You will print image using an INKJET printer unto the transfer paper.  Make sure to set printer on mirror image or t-shirt so that the word does not come out backwards.

Once printed cut out the image using an exacto knife

Iron image unto the burlap following the transfer paper instructions


using a hot glue gun, glue the burlap securing at the edges of the lamp shade


once the glue is dry cut off excess to create a neat edge and glue trim all the way around on the bottom and the top

I noticed when the lamp shade was placed on the lamp that once the light was turned on the image would not show through.  My solution was to create a shield behind the word using some matching fabric and I hot glued it to the inside of lamp shade behind the wording. 


completed project



Not feeling to crafty? this lamp shade can be purchased in my Etsy store



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