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Full frills decorating ideas at a no frills price!

Found this little beauty at the Salvation Army for $20.  Was originally $39.99 but purchased during the 50% off day.  Here is the before and after.




Did a light sanding with an electric sander, cleaned it to remove dust and used KILZ 13 oz. Original Primer Sealer Spray purchased at Wal-Mart and painted with white cheap spray paint from Wal-Mart.  Took the hardware that was tarnished and cleaned each piece with Tarn-X.  The bottom of the legs were also tarnished and were hard to clean so I purchased a small bottle of gold paint from Michael’s and WALA they match the hardware.   Who said gold for decorating was out of style!



This table will be used in my daughter’s bedroom as a night stand.  Will post pictures when room is complete.

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